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Quizgecko for Teachers: Pricing, Features, and Benefits

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You want to save time creating and grading classroom assessments, but you don’t have time to try something new. I get it. Learning about AI tools like Quizgecko can seem daunting when you’ve already got so much on your plate.

But you don’t need to know every little detail about Quizgecko to save time using it! It’s so worth it to deliver high-quality quizzes, because studies have shown that quizzes are a huge benefit to long-term retention.

In this Quizgecko beginner’s guide, I’ll walk you through how to create the perfect quizzes to reduce your stress, save time, and quickly get your data on which topics to reteach. I’ll be covering:

  • How Quizgecko can save teachers so much time!
  • How much does Quizgecko cost?
  • How to create a Quizgecko account
  • How to use Quizgecko in your classroom

So if you’re tired of spending your evenings packing your teacher bag full of student work to take home, slumping over your computer to manually grade assessments, or wasting your whole planning period making a test, then you’re in the right place! All of that is about to change for good.

A Pinterest pin about a blog post a technology tool for teachers titled QuizGecko for Teachers: A beginner's guide including QuizGecko's pricing, benefits, features, and more. From planithomeschool.com.

How Quizgecko can save teachers so much time!

When I was a teacher, I constantly felt like my to-do list was never ending, I wasn’t doing enough to get to know my students, and my planning time was shortened too often by an ARD meeting or parent conference.

Now, as a homeschool mom, I have more freedom to explore new topics that’ll help teachers like you save valuable time with resources that you and I can both use!


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    Time-saving features from Quizgecko

    You have so much flexibility when creating AI-powered quizzes from Quizgecko. This resource is known for its speed, ease-of-use, and amazing features.

    You’ll love the time you save when Quizgecko gives your learners grades and feedback for you automatically, and then generates a smart report for you to review.

    1. ANY text you paste in can be turned into an interactive quiz!
      • In one click, you can even make a YouTube video, webpage, or file into a quiz. 😲
    2. Choose from multiple question types, including true/false, multiple choice, and fill-in-the-blank.
    3. Create quizzes in ANY language!
      • You can even translate your quizzes from one language to another.
    4. Easily integrate Quizgecko into your LMS.
      • Quizgecko can be integrated with Canvas, Google Classroom, Blackboard, Schoology, and more.
      • You can assign quizzes to your students with a due date and time limit.
    5. It’s simple to use AI to generate questions and images.
      • Once generated, the quizzes are FULLY editable!
    6. Auto-grading, feedback, and smart reports are provided automatically and instantly to let you and your students know how they performed.

    If you want a quiz creator and autograder that saves you time, takes the hassle out of making assessments, and automatically gives your students great feedback for you, click here to get started for free with Quizgecko!

    How much does Quizgecko cost?

    Now that you’ve learned how much time Quizgecko quizzes can save you, you’ll surely agree that the price is very affordable and totally worth it.

    You can choose from one of four paid plans, with the option to pay monthly. But, if you pay yearly, you’ll get 3 months for free! You can work with your PTO, your admin, or even your community to get Quizgecko funded through donations, a fundraiser, and more.

    Once you create an account, you’ll want to contact Quizgecko to learn more about their student and educator discounts! But, be careful about trying out workarounds. If you share your email with a friend to try and save some money, your account will be suspended.

    1. Free account
      • Create simple quizzes manually
      • No AI integration or features
      • 1 user
    2. Basic plan
      • 20,000 character limit
      • 200 quiz responses per month
      • 1 user
    3. Plus plan
      • 25,000 character limit
      • 1,000 responses per month
      • Option to embed quizzes
      • 1 user
    4. Premium plan *BEST VALUE FOR TEACHERS*
      • Everything in the Plus plan
      • Up to 3 users
      • Priority chat support
      • 250 API calls
      • Everything in the Premium plan
      • Custom users
      • Custom character input
      • Custom domain
      • Dedicated support
      • Full API access with custom rate limits
    A Pinterest pin about a blog post a technology tool for teachers titled QuizGecko for Teachers: A beginner's guide including QuizGecko's pricing, benefits, features, and more. From planithomeschool.com.

    How to create a Quizgecko account

    Creating an account is very quick and simple to do. No matter which plan you choose, you’ll need to create an account to get started. After you create an account and confirm your email, you will instantly be able to access all the features that go with your chosen account.

    1. Visit Quickgecko’s site, then click Get Started for Free.
    2. Click Continue with Google or Continue with Email.
      • Be sure to make note of your login info. You’ll need this every time you use the site.
    3. Answer the questions to personalize your account.
    4. Now you’re ready to create your first quiz!

    Ready to experience all of the time saving features Quizgecko has to offer? Click here now to get started for free with Quizgecko!

    How to use Quizgecko in your classroom

    There are SO many options for using Quizgecko in your classroom! I could see myself using Quizgecko for summative assessments, such as end of unit tests, but I think the best time saver would be to use Quizgecko’s quiz automation for those daily/weekly formative assessments, like exit tickets, weekly learning check quizzes, homework, bell ringers, and more.

    Plus, don’t forget that you can convert files, YouTube videos, and more into quizzes in just one click!

    Using Quizgecko for formative assessments is such a huge time saver because it will grade them for you, provide feedback to the students right away, and generate a smart report that you can review.

    I remember stressfully spending my lunch and dismissal time trying to grade exit tickets all the time! I quickly checked exit tickets every day, hoping to have them ready to review with students the next day so I didn’t have to take them home to grade.

    Because it is so beneficial to assess learning checks like exit tickets quickly, Quizgecko’s grading and feedback automation is a perfect fit for creating formative assessments that will take so much work off your plate!

    Final thoughts

    If I could pay teachers more money, be sure you actually get your planning time, and give you a delicious lunch each day, I would! For now, I hope Quizgecko’s amazing, stress-reducing features will help save you some time on mundane tasks like creating quizzes, assessments, and reduce the never ending pile of papers in your “to grade” drawer.

    If you’re ready to take control of your time management and give frequent, helpful feedback to your students, I urge you to sign up for free with Quizgecko today! Click here right away to get started!

    Which Quizgecko feature excites you the most? What questions do you have about getting started with Quizgecko? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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