what to say instead of be careful, what to say instead of you're ok, you're ok, be careful, what to say to your kids by planithomeschool.com.

50 Things to Say to Your Kids Instead of Be Careful, You’re Okay, and More

Why we should stop saying, “Be careful!” to our kids

You may have heard of things parents should not say to their children, like, “Be careful!” or, “You’re okay!”. But you might not know why saying these things are discouraged, or what to say instead.

Read the mega list below to figure out why we should stop saying be careful, good job, and more to our kids, and what to say instead next time (that your child will actually listen to).

What can I say to my child instead of be careful?

There’s nothing like looking up to realize your kid is doing something sketchy and getting that “ahhh!” feeling as your heart starts to race. Keep these statements in mind for next time instead of blurting out, “Be careful!”.

Saying one of these instead will help your kid learn to be more in tune with their body and aware of their surroundings, which will actually help them, you know, be careful.

  1. Do you feel safe?
  2. What is your plan?
  3. Do you see __ in front of you?
  4. Look where your feet are going.
  5. Put your hands down first.
  6. Turn around and go feet first.
  7. Keep an eye out for the __ (tree that’s about to hit you in the face, big puddle I don’t want you to jump in to, etc. 😂).
  8. Are you scared?
  9. Try using your hands to hold onto __.
  10. Is it your turn?
  11. How do you want to get down?
  12. Who will help you if you __ (slip, fall, etc.).
  13. What can you use to __ (get across without slipping, go back up safely, etc.).
  14. Do you have space?
  15. And anything that describes what they should do in a way that is calm and helpful.
What can I say to my child instead of be careful? list from planithomeschool.com.


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    What can I say to my child instead of you’re okay?

    Try to remember to validate how your child is feeling by using some of these statements below, instead of saying, “You’re okay,”. There’s a happy medium though, because “stop crying” and “calm down” doesn’t validate their feelings either.

    You should also monitor your reaction to your child getting hurt, whenever possible. Even big bumps can be checked on without tears, if you are able to react calmly and check on them using some of these suggestions.

    1. Are you okay?
    2. You good?
    3. Do you want a hug?
    4. State or clarify what happened calmly (You fell/ Did you fall down?).
    5. Are you scared or are you hurt?
    6. I can see you __ (tripped, bumped your head, etc.).
    7. Can you tell me how you’re feeling?
    8. It’s okay to cry/ feel sad.
    9. Can I help?
    10. Do you want help?
    11. And, for big moments (that aren’t an emergency), you can just be there for them, hold their hands, and wait for eye contact, ready to comfort them when they are ready and you’ve both collected yourselves.
    What can I say to my child instead of 'you're ok' list from planithomeschool.com.

    What can I say to my child instead of good job?

    Not only do I love hearing good job every now and then myself, but I have definitely told my own child good job to show how proud I am of things he’s done.

    The problem is that if “good job” is the only way you regularly praise your child, you’re not really describing what they did each time that made you proud. Sometimes we say good job when we really mean thank you, writes psychologist Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

    So, what should we say instead?

    1. Be specific and give feedback, like, “Thank you for helping out and putting your toys away where they go,”.
    2. Praise their effort, such as by saying, ” I saw you find a way around that rock when your bike got stuck. High five!”
    3. Show that you recognize when they are being cooperative, respectful, or doing something they’d maybe rather not do.
      • Try something like, “I noticed you letting your sister go first on the swings. That made her so happy,”.
    4. But, no matter what, avoid praising kids about the things they can’t control, such as their intelligence, physical attractiveness, or their athletic ability.
    what to say instead of be careful, what to say instead of you're ok, you're ok, be careful, what to say to your kids by planithomeschool.com.

    Mega list of the 50 things you SHOULD say to your child!

    Do you want to raise happy, self-sufficient, and confident kids with high self-esteem and a positive image of themselves? Say these phrases as often as you can! Much better than plain, old good job, right?

    1. I’m proud of you.
    2. You are a great person.
    3. I like you.
    4. I love being your mom/dad.
    5. I missed you!
    6. You did amazing.
    7. You should be proud of yourself.
    8. You’re getting better each time.
    9. I knew you could do it.
    10. You should feel proud of yourself.
    11. Thank you for __.
    12. I appreciate you.
    13. I believe in you.
    14. Can I have a hug?
    15. You make me proud.
    16. You are so kind.
    17. You are so special to me.
    18. I wish I could do __ like you can.
    19. You are important.
    20. You are so strong!
    21. That was such a smart idea.
    22. You’re the best.
    23. You make me smile.
    24. You are a great friend.
    25. Your creativity amazes me.
    26. I’m listening.
    27. Thank you.
    28. I’m here for you.
    29. You are always fun to be with.
    30. You impress me.
    31. You’re so brave!
    32. You are so talented at __.
    33. You can do it.
    34. What do you think? Tell me more.
    35. I know how you feel.
    36. I’m grateful for you.
    37. I trust you.
    38. We’re lucky to have you.
    39. Thanks for trying.
    40. I’ll help with that.
    41. What do you want to do today?
    42. You were right.
    43. Can you show me how to __?
    44. That’s a great question. I think __.
    45. Want to come with me?
    46. Go and try it. I’ll be here if you need me.
    47. What could you do to figure it out?
    48. Let’s find the answer together.
    49. Let me know what you think.
    50. I love you!


    I hope reading this list brought a smile to your face like it did mine! Although it takes practice, you will love seeing how happy and cared for your specific feedback makes your kids feel.

    What other phrases do you suggest instead of be careful? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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