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Homeschool Latin Curriculum: Is It Worth It?

Why is Latin popular in homeschool?

There has been a big swing of interest around homeschool Latin curriculum and ideas within the last few years, largely in part due to congruent popularity of the Charlotte Mason homeschooling style. And, of course, there’s been an increase of interest in homeschooling in general.

Why should I teach my kids Latin?

Although there are many great options for Latin curriculum out there, no matter what you pick, you’ll be making a positive impact on your children’s learning not only of the Latin language, but also of basic grammar and syntax in English, too.

Of all the words in the English language, over 60% of words in English are of Latin origin.


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    Who inspired the teaching of Latin curriculum in homeschool?

    Charlotte Mason is the most well-known contributor to the influence of Latin curriculum being present in many homeschool mom’s playbooks.

    Although Charlotte Mason passed in 1923, her influence on education, particularly for homeschoolers, has withstood the test of time. She is inspiring because she was a writer and advocate for children and education, causing many people to listen to what she has to say (for good reason)!

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    When should you start teaching with Latin curriculum?

    If you choose to follow in the footsteps of the almighty Charlotte Mason, you will want to start researching which Latin curriculum you’d like to use before your children are around the age of typical 7th graders.

    That way, you can start teaching Latin by the time they are ready to start 7th-grade. This is typically when most traditional students are around 11 or 12 years old.

    A Pinterest pin for the blog post titled Homeschool Latin curriculum by planithomeschool.com.

    I don’t speak Latin! How can I teach Latin to my children?

    Same, girl. When I first heard about the rise in popularity of Latin curriculum and teaching Latin in homeschool, I thought it was a nice idea.

    But, I had trouble wrapping my head around how I would do so myself. I learned that Charlotte Mason’s method could make teaching Latin and following a Latin curriculum of their choice a reality for virtually anyone.

    The Gouin Series

    The Gouin Series is a classic approach to teaching Latin that Charlotte Mason used, although it was developed by Francois Gouin in the 19th Century. Learning and speaking Latin using the Gouin series is surprisingly doable for most that use this learning style within a Latin curriculum.

    Why is the Gouin series so easy to follow?

    While I still recommend following a Latin curriculum to have something to anchor yourself to when choosing what to teach, the Gouin series can provide your children with simple ways to learn and practice what’s taught in the curriculum.

    This method is so much easier than traditional methods of learning a foreign language through rote memorization, because the Gouin series is thematic and heavily focuses on conversational learning.

    Charlotte Mason’s Latin teaching method

    Charlotte Mason implemented the Gouin series, which is known simply as The Series Approach.

    This method of teaching and learning Latin is so hugely successful because it follows Charlotte Mason’s belief that you should approach learning a foreign language the same way you learn your first language when you are a baby. Listening to it and being immersed in trying to speak it before you jump into reading or writing it.

    Latin curriculum recos

    Although Charlotte Mason’s website recommends Cherrydale Press for foreign language curriculum, at the time I am writing this, Cherrydale Press does not currently offer Latin curriculum. They do offer Spanish, French, German, and Italian.

    1. Visual Latin

    Compass Classroom’s Visual Latin has a wealth of great resources alongside their Latin curriculum, including support, recommendations for books, videos, movies, and recipes from their blog, and helpful, private group discussion opportunities that are homeschool-specific.

    Visual Latin’s Latin curriculum

    • Option to try four free lessons
    • Monthly membership- $45/ Yearly premium membership- $450 ($90 savings)
    • Video lessons- DVD or digital download
    • Latin curriculum for ages 10 and up
    • Watch their trailer for more info

    2. A Gentle Feast

    A Gentle Feast is a curriculum style that aligns with Charlotte Mason’s teaching methods.

    The only downside to this curriculum is that if you are looking for specific Latin curriculum options to pick and choose from, this will not fit your needs. You must buy what is essentially a curriculum bundle with other subjects included to access their Latin curriculum.

    A Gentle Feast’s Latin curriculum

    • Curriculum grouped into forms instead of by grade levels
    • Language and singing lessons included, but you’ll need to choose either a French, Spanish or Latin plan
    • But, does not offer Latin curriculum sold independently of the rest of their curriculum
    • This video explainer about their curriculum options may be helpful if you’d like more information about A Gentle Feast
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    3. Schoolhouse Teachers

    Schoolhouse Teachers has Latin curriculum that is designed specifically for homeschoolers.

    Along with their Latin curriculum, they also have many other homeschool foreign language options, including ASL, Spanish, and Korean, among others.

    Schoolhouse Teachers’
    Latin curriculum

    • Latin curriculum that is designed for children in grade 3 and up
    • A full-year homeschool Latin online course
    • Latin curriculum to be taught for 24 weeks, 5 days a week
    • Video lessons and other resources
    • More details can be found on their website

    4. Dinolingo

    Dinolingo is a great option for Latin curriculum that is fully online and very kid friendly.

    Although their names are similar, Duolingo, the popular language learning app for ages 13 and up, is not affiliated with Dinolingo.

    Dinolingo’s Latin curriculum

    • A 7 day free trial
    • A monthly subscription for up to 4 kids on multiple devices- $14.95/ month (per language)
    • An app and a website version
    • Latin curriculum that is taught through the immersion method
    • Content that is specifically geared towards homeschooling
    A Pinterest pin for the blog post titled Homeschool Latin curriculum by planithomeschool.com.

    5. Prima Latina by Memoria Press

    The Latin curriculum by Prima Latina by Memoria Press is well liked by many homeschooling families because it uses a clear and systematic approach to teach Latin to young children.

    Prima Latina’s Latin curriculum

    • A connection to English and Latin grammar concepts
    • Streaming pronunciation audio for each lesson and four hymns
    • A student workbook, teacher manual, and accompanying video tracks- $116.45
    • Check out this sample lesson for free to see if this Latin curriculum might be a good fit for you

    6. Minimus Secundus

    Minimus Secundus is a Latin curriculum book that is suggested for ages 10-13. There are a handful of second-hand options that make this a very affordable option!

    Minimus Secundus’s Latin curriculum

    • A mix of myths, stories, and grammar support
    • Historical context to accompany the Latin curriculum teachings
    • Opportunities for cross-curricular connections
    • This comprehensive review that is worth a watch if you’d like to learn more!
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    7. Song School Latin

    Song and School Latin is a fun and enjoyable option for Latin curriculum that is an especially great fit for younger learners. This Latin curriculum option includes videos, flashcards, and games for extra practice.

    Song School’s Latin curriculum

    • Songs are available via CDs or MP3s
    • Videos available via DVD or streaming
    • Flashcard games and extra games are included
    • Book 1 program (grade 1-2): $101.95
    • Book 2 program (grade 2-3): $121.95
    • Suggested schedule is included

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    It is clear to see how beneficial Latin can be for homeschoolers, and that there are many excellent homeschool Latin curriculum options to choose from.

    Which Latin curriculum is the best fit for you? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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