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15+ Amazing Lovevery Dupes to Save You Money

Buying Lovevery dupes can be as simple clicking ‘add to cart’ on Amazon.

I’ve struggled with finding affordable toy subscription kits and Montessori toys.

Today, I’m sharing budget-friendly swaps for those pricey Lovevery play kits!

These awesome Lovevery dupes are easy on your wallet but still packed with fun and learning. Get ready to save some mulah without skimping on quality.

If you’re ready to save some money and figure out which toy subscription box has the best Lovevery dupes, then you’re in the right place!

Your kids will love playing with these fun, age-appropriate Lovevery dupes for a fraction of the cost.

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15 Amazing Lovevery Dupes to Save You Money

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Why Should You Buy Lovevery Dupes?

Before we get into the best Lovevery dupes, let’s talk about what you get if you buy straight from Lovevery.

Lovevery Play Kits are “stage-based play essentials for your child’s developing brain”. Their site also claims that these will be the “only toys you’ll need”.

The play kits are separated by age group, and each play kit is designed for specific developmental targets for children between ages 0 to 5-years-old.

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Baby playing on the floor with toys dangling above her

Lovevery’s Problems

You can purchase the Play Kits by subscription only.

Lovevery does not allow you to purchase individual toys or kits without signing for the subscription service.

  • The 0-12-month-old Lovevery Play Kits are delivered every two months at $80 per kit.
  • All other Lovevery Play Kits (1-4-years-old) is delivered every three months at $120 per kit.


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    Are the Lovevery Play Kits Actually Worth It?

    No. Here’s why.

    Lovevery’s Play Kits are very pricey, but many of their subscription box toys are basically identical.

    When looking at each toy in the Play Kits and comparing it to similar options, the price is not worth it.


    Replying to @stephanie.aboytes . Let’s talk about Lovevery again and why I don’t think it’s worth it. And this is coming from the perspective of someone who fully intended to use Lovevery when i was going to be a working mom with frequent late meetings. I tried one box and that’s when I realized the issues that, in my opinion, make it not a worthwhile option. But for many, the convenience may outweigh these issues and that’s ok! #greenscreen #NextLevelDish #montessori #montessorihome #montessorihomeschool #montessorimom #lovevery #loveverytoys #montessoritoys #waldorftoys #montessoritoddler #montessoriactivities

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    The Smart Shopper’s Guide to Lovevery Dupes

    Below you’ll find my Lovevery dupe ideas and subscription toy box alternatives that have all the fun of Lovevery’s Montessori toys without the high price tag!

    This guide’s for budget-savvy moms looking to hook their little geniuses up with great developmental toys that don’t drain their wallet.

    Check out these awesome alternatives that are like Lovevery’s educational toys but way cheaper.

    Lovevery Dupes #1: Fisher Price Playmat

    Lovevery Dupes #1: Fisher Price Playmat

    My kid really does love the Lovevery Play Gym we got at my baby shower. Unlike the Play Kits, I’ll admit the Play Gym is kinda worth the money.

    But, I was influenced by TikTok to buy the viral Fisher Price Playmat when he was two months old. Tbh my kid LOVES IT.

    He’s now 10 months old and still plays with the piano from the Fisher Price Playmat daily.

    The Fisher Price mat could be a great Lovevery dupe if you aren’t looking to spend $140 on the Lovevery Play Gym.

    Lovevery Dupes #2: Lovevery Tissue Box Dupe

    Lovevery Dupes #2: Lovevery Tissue Box Dupe

    This is just as fun as the Lovevery Tissue box, PLUS it’s all completely washable!

    And you don’t need a subscription to get this toy delivered straight to your door.

    Go ahead. Add to cart, girl!

    Lovevery Dupes #3: Lovevery Liquid Color Lab Dupe

    Lovevery Dupes #3: Lovevery Liquid Color Lab Dupe

    Are you tired of waiting for the Lovevery liquid color lab to finally come back in stock?

    And, would you rather not spend an arm and a leg to get a tray and some measuring stuff anyways?!

    This cute measuring kit will do the job just the same, without emptying your wallet.

    Lovevery Dupes #4: Fauxtessori Guides

    Lovevery Dupes #2: Fauxtessori Guides (Image credit from @fauxtessori on instagram)

    I struck treasure in the land of Lovevery dupes with Fauxtessori’s finds on Instagram.

    Fauxtessori’s Instagram account has done the work of finding Lovevery dupes for you with Amazon lists of dupes for each Play Kit!

    To follow Fauxtessori’s guides for Lovevery dupes, use her lists for every developmental stage to buy toys from Amazon yourself.

    Note: At the time of writing this, Fauxtessori’s instagram hasn’t been updated in about two years. Hopefully she will add more soon!

    Lovevery Dupes #5: Facebook Marketplace

    Lovevery Dupes #3: Facebook Marketplace

    If you’re cool with items that have been loved a bit before, Facebook Marketplace is awesome for snagging pre-owned Lovevery goodies for way less money.

    Here you can find many Montessori toys and kits for way cheaper, and, often, you’ll even find gently used Lovevery toys for a great price!

    Lovevery Dupes #6: PandaCrate by KiwiCo

    Lovevery Dupes #4: PandaCrate

    PandaCrate by KiwiCo hooks you up with a subscription kind of like Lovevery, but at a way better price, delivered every two months.

    Some negative reviews on their site say that item quality varies a lot, so check this out and decide for yourself if it’s worth it before you buy.

    Lovevery Dupes #7: Tiny Earth Toys

    Lovevery Dupes #5: Tiny Earth Toys
    Image via The Build Cycle

    Check out Tiny Earth Toys – it’s a cool rental service that offers awesome toys, kinda like those Lovevery kits. If you end up keeping them, there’s still a fee, but it’s way cheaper upfront.

    The big drawback to this service is that it’s pretty pricey to rent the toys, plus, you have to pay for the toys on top of already paying the rental price if you decide to keep them.

    Lovevery Dupes #8: Didi’s Toy Box

    Lovevery Dupes #6: Didi's Toy Box

    Didi’s Toy Box is a subscription service that offers frequent deliveries of heirloom toys and is based in the US.

    You’ll create unforgettable memories without a large financial commitment through Didi’s Toy Box.

    Enjoy a curated subscription box filled with premium, heirloom-quality toys tailored to your preferences.

    Lovevery Dupes #9: Little Passports 🏆

    Lovevery Dupes #7: Little Passports by Begin

    Choose from tons of kid-friendly themes with Little Passports by Begin.

    They’ve got some of the best deals on subscription plans and manage to keep learning both fun and engaging.

    Little Passports is my top choice 🏆 for a lovevery dupe that delivers boxes based on their topic, which can also be customized by age within each topic!

    They have lots of options to choose from, and the theme of the boxes even changes monthly.

    Lovevery Dupes #10: Hoppi Box

    Lovevery Dupes #8: Hoppi Box

    Hoppi Box is a Montessori-inspired subscription box service that’s just as good as Lovevery but doesn’t hit your wallet as hard.

    Their options are the closest match to what Lovevery offers, with a much lower price point.

    Lovevery Dupes #11: Bitsy Boxes

    Lovevery Dupes #9: Bitsy Boxes

    Bitsy Boxes is a subscription service that gives you 5 items per box, with monthly deliveries.

    Bitsy Boxes rolls out five cool new playtime treasures every month, along with flexible subscription plans to fit any budget.

    Lovevery Dupes #12: Sensory TheraPLAY Box

    Lovevery Dupes #10: Sensory TheraPLAY Box

    Discover Sensory TheraPLAY Box – a monthly subscription of handpicked sensory toys and tools by a pediatric occupational therapist.

    Each box offers a surprise assortment that engages children in therapeutic play, addressing their sensory needs and fostering essential motor skills.

    Embrace the benefits of sensory-focused activities for your child’s development!

    Lovevery Dupes #13: Wonder Crate

    Lovevery Dupes #11: Wonder Crate

    Dive into Wonder Crate!

    For those that like Lovevery’s book options, this is a book subscription box with a mix of storybooks and activities that spark curiosity and get kids excited about learning.

    Each crate, packed with stories about inspirational people and fascinating topics, is priced just right for most families.

    Lovevery Dupes #14: Petit Collage

    Lovevery Dupes #12: Petit Collage

    Petit Collage is a unique subscription box option that offers eco-conscious play.

    They’ve got a few options in their store, like their play sets, magnetic play sets, activity & sticker sets, and a coloring set.

    Plus, they’re priced in a way that makes going green an easy choice for parents.

    Lovevery Dupes #15: Tinker Totter Rockets

    Lovevery Dupes #13: Tinker Totter Rockets

    Tinker Totter Rockets by Begin Again brings a cosmic adventure right to your doorstep with its cool space-themed toys and activities.

    It’s all about sparking that imagination and sneaking in some space science basics, making it awesome for little astronauts in training.

    The best part? Their kits won’t make your wallet cry – you get galaxies of fun without the hefty price tag.

    Lovevery Dupes #16: Melissa and Doug Toys

    Lovevery Dupes #15: Melissa and Doug Toys

    Though not available as a subscription box, Melissa and Doug toys are some of my favorites as a parent, and were some of my favorites as a teacher, too!

    They have so many excellent educational wooden toys that can handle the rough and tumble play that kids usually bring to play time.

    Each toy is marked appropriately for the perfect age group, making it easy to shop by age or buy different things quickly for multiple ages.


    Now that you know all the best Lovevery dupes, will you be sticking with Lovevery’s Play Kit subscription, or trying something new?

    Whether you buy Lovevery dupes on Amazon, find some gently used Lovevery toys on Facebook Marketplace, or choose one of my recommended subscription toy box alternatives, you’ll save some money by not toys buying directly from Lovevery.

    Before You Go, Comment Below!

    Which Lovevery dupe will you try first?

    Comment below and let me know!

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