Gifts new moms actually need, including an audiobook subscription, hiring a cleaning service, breastfeeding supplies, a sleep mask or some time to watch their kid and let them sleep, and even all the benefits of superfoods for moms! From

Gifts New Moms Actually Need: A Holiday Gift Guide (from a New Mom)

You can support a new mom today with these affordable gifts

Have you been searching for gifts new moms actually need, only to find the top search results are all pamper packs or other gifts that just seem frivolous?

Keep reading to see our list of gifts for new moms that moms really want and will actually use in their #fourthtrimester, written by a new mom.

Gifts new moms actually need, but don’t know how to ask for

The number one thing new moms need that they can’t ask for (or don’t know how to ask for) are gifts like cleaning, cooking, stuff to make feeding the baby easier, and a gentle nudge to put on an outfit that’s not giving Adam Sandler and leave the house for a little while.

Gift ideas to make a new mom’s life easier

1. Offer to come over and clean for the new mom, or hire a home cleaning service
  • New moms don’t want you to come over just to hold the baby for them, but most moms feel very alone and overwhelmed with housework.
  • Hanging out with a new mom, answering a few of the millions of questions they’re wondering about, and doing a few loads of laundry for them will make a huge difference!
  • Hiring a cleaning service for them is also a great option to help out a new mom.

2. Offer to stay over for a night and let a new mom get some sleep
  • Even if both parents are home during the night, caring for a newborn is exhausting.
  • New moms suddenly have to adjust from a normal sleeping pattern to just taking little naps for days and days.
  • Pack a bag and offer to stay over for a day or two. Without taking over, treat mom to a few naps while they know the baby is being watched and taken care of by you.

Gifts new moms actually need, including an audiobook subscription, hiring a cleaning service, breastfeeding supplies, a sleep mask or some time to watch their kid and let them sleep, and even all the benefits of superfoods for moms! From

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3. Treat the new mom to a spa day or bring them a few things to help them freshen up

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4. Make mom a meal and drop it off, or have it delivered.
  • Having nutritious meals on hand that can be easily reheated is such a blessing for a new mom during the fourth trimester.
  • You could even offer to drop off some groceries.
  • Order mom some quick and easy meal replacement options that can replenish some nutrients like Boobie Body Superfoods Protein Shakes that are dairy free, gluten free, vegan, and organic! Visit Boobie Superfoods today to get 20% off using code PLANIT_20.

Gifts for new moms to help feed the baby

1. Gifts to help mom with staying awake, and getting some sleep
  • An eye mask to help them catch some sleep during the day.
  • AirPods or headphones: This is my hack for staying awake while feeding the baby. I listen to/ watch something from my phone with AirPods in, so it doesn’t disturb the baby while it helps me stay awake for those middle of the night feeds.
  • An audiobook subscription, such as Audible, is also a great gift to help pass the time while feeding.
2. Gifts to help a new mom with breastfeeding
3. Gifts to help a new with mom with bottle-feeding

Whether the new mom you’re gifting is exclusively pumping or exclusively doing formula feeding, these gifts will be a huge help.

Gifts for new moms that are giving comfy and cozy

After so many new changes to her body, her sleep routine, and the fact that she may be living from pj set to pj set these days, give a new mom some comfy and cozy gifts that she will actually use this holiday season.

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1. Comfy breast-feeding friendly clothes
2. New clothing items they need all the time now
  • Nursing pads: These are one thing I didn’t know I needed, and ended up buying after a few days.
  • Breastfeeding-friendly clothing: shirts, hoodies, blouses, and more
  • Brixley crossbody bag: Grab mom a cute crossbody bag so she can easily wear this out, or throw it in the diaper bag to keep her things separate from all the baby stuff.
A graphic for the blog gifts need moms actually need: superfoods, a cleaning service, and the gift of some "me time" or a spa day, and more from


Use this guide to give a new mom in your life gifts this holiday season that she actually needs! And don’t forget to bring this same energy around the four month mark when their new baby starts teething and might be going through a sleep regression. ❤ iykyk

Which gift idea are you most excited to get for a new mom this holiday season? What other gift ideas do you suggest? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥


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