15 winter sensory bin ideas with how-to videos from planithomeschool.com.
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15 Winter Sensory Bin Ideas With How-To Videos!

Winter sensory bin ideas

Bundle up and get ready to jump into our 15 winter sensory bin ideas with how-to videos.

The best part about these sensory bins is that one of the only things you’ll need to purchase for most of these ideas will be the bin (if you don’t have one already).

The top deal that I was able to find for 28qt storage bins through a quick Google search were these, for about $7 each.

Winter sensory bin fillers

Winter is my favorite time to do sensory bins! Check out these beautiful and fun options for winter sensory bin fillers that you can either find around your home, grab from outside, or buy for cheap.

These fun winter-themed sensory bins will help your family keep busy indoors and burn off a little bit of that sugar rush.

15 winter sensory bin ideas with how-to videos from planithomeschool.com.

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Winter sensory bins using filler supplies you already have

These winter sensory bins are great for the whole family this holiday season! If you want to keep your family busy, but don’t necessarily want to put on 50 layers and bundle up to do it, these sensory bins are perfect for you.

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Where can I find the filler supplies for these winter sensory bins?

These winter sensory bins are so affordable and easy to make because they all use stuff you already have around the house, or that you can grab for cheap on your next trip to the grocery store.

Your family could even do a little scavenger hunt for any materials around your home that you already have to make these winter sensory bins.


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    Winter sensory bin inspiration and ideas for sensory bin fillers

    Dive right in for some winter sensory bin inspo! Whether you want to make a snow sensory bin, a sensory bin inspired by some yummy winter treats, or even a beautiful winter wonderland sensory bin, we’ve got some great ideas for you with these easy and cheap winter sensory bins with how-to videos.❄⛄

    Winter snow sensory bins

    1. Let it snow sensory bin

    Bring the fun of playing in the snow and making a snowman inside with this super cute let it snow sensory bin.

    2. Snowman sensory bin

    What’s better than a snowman sensory bin? Playing in this adorable snowman sensory bin, which includes a letter tracing activity, will have your family feeling warm and fuzzy inside.


    It’s easy to make a snowman sensory bin with chick peas! Turn clear ornaments and a mini snowman with color tops and pom-poms for sorting. Add a mini counting tray and tweezers too! Or letter cards and a letter tracing page to make learning how to write letters fun! You can grab this freebie in my blog. #preschoolactivities #wintersensory #wintersensoryplay #prekactivies #lettergame #snowmantheme #sortingactivity #finemotoractivity

    ♬ Snow – Original Mix – Iexxon

    3. Winter sensory bin with actual snow!

    This snow sensory bin literally uses snow as the base! If you’re like me, you’ll need to find a taste-safe snow recipe, like this snow dough to pretend you have real snow instead. Either way, this sensory bin is perfect for the winter season!


    He played out here for 45 mins before he asked to go back inside 🙌🏼 super easy way to play with the snow when you don’t have a yard or time to go out and actually play! #momtok #momsoftiktok #toddlermom #toddlersoftiktok #winteractivities #sensorybin #outdoorsymom #granolamom #gettingkidsoutdoors #1000hoursoutside #getoutside

    ♬ Flowers – Miley Cyrus

    4. Fake snow sensory bin

    Just using some cotton balls and some winter decorations from around your home, let your family pretend they are having some fun in the snow while staying inside with this fake snow sensory bin.

    5. Snow letter hunt sensory bin and activity

    Start by mixing baking soda and water to get the base for this “snow” sensory bin. Add some alphabet letters, and you’ve got a snowy letter hunt sensory bin that will keep your kids entertained for hours.


    Fake Snow Sensory Bin! Ft. Letter Blocks❄️🔠 🎥:@celenakinsey #sensorybin learningresources kidactivities #wintermagic #prektips #kidstiktok #sahm

    ♬ original sound – Learning Resources

    Winter treats sensory bins

    These sensory bins that were inspired by winter treats will warm you from the inside out. Try out these yummy-looking sensory bins, including a hot cocoa sensory bin, a baking sensory bin, and more!

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    1. Hot cocoa sensory bin

    This hot cocoa-inspired sensory bin is so cool! Some of the fillers for this hot cocoa sensory bin use real food, so you’ll want to be mindful about removing the materials in a timely manner when you’re done.


    This is one of my favorite sensory bins to do in the winter! For older kids you can make recipe cards for them to follow while toddlers can just explore and play (use your own discretion if you’re going to add marshmallows as they can be a choking hazard for toddlers- I try not to encourage eating during sensory play anyways). ⚠️ #toddlersensory #sensoryplaytoddler #sensoryactivities #toddleractivities #toddleractivityideas

    ♬ Sleigh Bells (PhatCap! Trap Remix) – Ronettes

    2. Marshmallow fake snow sensory bin

    Grab some containers, some giant marshmallows, and a few snowman books to really make this “snow” marshmallow sensory bin come to life.

    3. Cranberry sensory bin

    This unique sensory bin uses water, oranges or orange slices, and cranberries. If you’re worried about the water in this bin making a mess, grab a big towel and put it down first to make clean up easy.


    🎄Holiday Sensory Bin🎄 Create the best scented holiday bin! Kids will come back to play and play throughout the holiday weekend. 🍊🍋🍎🌿 ➡️ Tub of Water ➡️ 2-4 Citrus Fruits ➡️ Crabberries ➡️ Herb – Rosemerry, pine, mint There is no right or wrong way to create this bin! Use up fruit and herbs from your fridge, add some kitchen utensils, and let their imaginations go! #leikasensorycreations #sensoryplay #sensorybins #holidaycrafts

    ♬ Jingle Funky Bells – DJ Keblinger$

    4. Baking sensory bin

    Keep an eye out for winter-themed cookie mix bags to go on sale, and grab a few when they do for this sweet baking sensory bin.

    5. Candy cane sensory bin

    How cool is this idea for a candy cane sensory bin? Use a chalkboard or some paper to make this sensory bin a counting or math activity, too!

    Winter wonderland sensory bins

    Whether you know there’s more snow up in Colorado than your roof will ever see, or your backyard looks like an actual winter wonderland, your family will love these beautiful and fun winter wonderland sensory bins.

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    Winter sensory bins and how to videos by planithomeschool.com.

    What if we want to use the sensory bins outside?

    If you want to get bundled up and brave the cold weather to continue playing outside this winter, I found a cool option you could try instead of the typical sensory bins that live on the floor. Have you heard of a children’s sensory table?

    1. Ice skating sensory bin

    Using just water, food coloring, and glitter makes this ice skating sensory bin come to life! How awesome is that?


    Replying to @hannahesw1 ice skating sensory activity. To answer another common question. She played with it for 30 mins that morning and it’s still in your freezer because she has played with it multiple times since. If your child likes imaginary play they will like this. #parentfyp #sensoryplayideas #ikeasensorytable #icesensorybin #GetCrackin #toddlermoms #toddleractivitiesathome #toddlermoms #toddleractivities #preschoolactivities #sensoryplaytoddler

    ♬ ocean eyes – Billie Eilish

    2. Silver and white winter-themed sensory bin

    This pretty winter wonderland of a sensory bin uses three different textures to let your child explore what lots of different textures feel like in this silver and white winter-themed sensory bin.

    3. Winter “meadow” sensory bin

    Dying the rice green is the only work you’ll need to do in advance to make this winter meadow sensory bin. After it’s dyed, let the rice dry overnight and add your fillers to get started with this winter meadow sensory bin.

    4. Pinecone sensory bin

    Using either real or store-bought pinecones and pine needles, put together this unique and fun pinecone sensory bin that’s great fun for all ages.


    Free!🌲 We went on a walk and found the pine needles and pine cones☺️ #sensorybin #sensorybinideas #getoutside #toddleractivity

    ♬ original sound – Tik Toker

    5. Winter wonderland sensory bin

    Rice is already a common sensory bin filler, but, to spice it up, add some glitter or confetti to the rice base to make the filler for this sensory bin look just like snow!


    Easy winter wonderland sensory bin with items you already have ❄️ #sensoryplay #sensorybin #toddlersoftiktok #openendedplay

    ♬ Winter Wonderland – Michael Bublé

    Sensory Table

    This children’s sensory table is a perfect option to take your sensory play outside this winter. Plus, it has a lid to keep the nested sensory bins covered when you’re not using them!


    By now, you’ve got lots of inspiring ideas to choose from for your next winter sensory bin.

    You can even come back here to watch the how-to videos that are already all in one place for you!

    Which winter sensory bin ideas are you most excited to try this holiday season? What other winter sensory bins do you recommend? Comment below!

    I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

    Safety tips and words of caution

    All materials you choose for your sensory bins should be nontoxic and should not be of a size or material that could cause choking or other dangers. Monitor anyone using a sensory bin, bag, table, etc. closely, especially young children.

    The general recommendation for sensory bin age-limits is no younger than eighteen-months-old, with materials within the bins including other water, sand, and fixed plastic objects (something they can’t pinch their fingers in, for example).

    If the toys can fit inside and slide through a standard toilet paper tube, they are too small for babies and toddlers, and should not be included in your sensory bins.

    Rules for Keeping Sensory Play Safe

    A great tip for young children is to make sure their bellies are full and that they’ve eaten a meal in a place that is separate from where the sensory bin play occurs before using the sensory bin, which can help reduce the desire for children to want to eat the sensory bin’s contents.

    If you struggle with this, try to switch out your base material for food or something that is food-safe and okay for the child to eat. Keep your rules for sensory play consistent.

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