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Homeschool PE Ideas

Homeschool PE ideas that are easy and affordable

Homeschool PE may seem like something extra that is hard to do, but it doesn’t have to be. Use this guide to try out these 7 easy homeschool PE ideas!

1. Create a schedule for homeschool PE

If you have not done so already, creating a schedule with time allotted for physical education (PE) is a good place to start.

Consistency is key! It is better to make time for 15 minutes of homeschool PE each day versus only 45 minutes once a week.

How many PE minutes per day?

My tip is to reference your state’s PE standards for traditional school to get an idea of the bare minimum for how many minutes of weekly PE you should aim for with your child. Start there, and add more time when you’re ready!

In my state, for example, the requirement is 30 minutes of “moderate to rigorous physical activity time”, plus at least 15 minutes of recess time.


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    2. Join a sports team or activity for PE

    From swim lessons, gymnastics, or just a weekly neighborhood hangout, there are so many options for kids to learn sports and fitness skills. The only drawback is the price and time can become overwhelming if you take on too much.

    Pick one or two things to try out at first, and then see what your kid is into and if your family feels comfortable managing the time commitment.

    PE options for homeschoolers with public school sports

    For older kids, consider trying out for a public school team. Did you know that the “Tim Tebow law” is a law that exists in many states to allow homeschooled students the chance to participate in public school sports?

    This law is named after Tim Tebow because he was a homeschooled baseball and football player who was awarded the opportunity to play for his public school’s sports teams.

    Homeschool PE ideas, how to do homeschool PE, PE activities for homeschool from

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    3. Explore brain breaks for homeschool PE time

    A great option for all ages is Move to Learn, which has a website with videos for Pre-K through 12th grade. This is a great P.E. option, especially on bad weather days!

    They also have a YouTube channel, lesson plans, printable activities, and seasonal “Get Moving” challenges. Their videos are engaging, silly, and a great workout to get kids moving.

    Brain breaks for elementary

    1. Create a free GoNoodle account (or download their app) to access their library of brain breaks, dance-alongs, stretches, breathing exercises, and workouts.
      • Pick your character and level him up the more you use GoNoodle to get active!
    2. The Cosmic Kids website has follow along brain break videos for dance, mindfulness, relaxation, stories, and yoga.
      • They also have an app, lesson plans, guided brain breaks or cool downs on Spotify, and free or low-cost videos available for download from PrimeVideo.

    Brain breaks for middle school and high school

    1. A simple brain break is the 5-4-3-2-1 movement break.
      • To do this, you let your kids pick five different exercises to do.
      • For example, you could do five squats, four calf raises, three jumping jacks, two spins, and one high five.
    2. Find a way to integrate movement with a lesson topic you’re working on.
      • For example, you could tell your kids to hop four times, pause, and then hop three times.
      • Then they could jog to a dry erase board and write down the product of the first multiplied by the second number. Math + movement = fun!
    3. Following along with these YouTube Would You Rather movement brain breaks is an all-time favorite for high schoolers!
      • Would you rather have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos or Takis? If you would rather have Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, you skip, but if you would pick Takis, you jump rope in place.
    4. Lean into potential embarrassment and learn a TikTok dance with them or let them teach you one they know!

    4. Start small for homeschool PE

    If you’re just starting out, it is a great idea to start small. I would also recommend starting with some sort of PE curriculum that you can easily follow, at least at first.

    P.E. can be much more than just running around or playing a game. Physical education in traditional schools can also include dental hygiene, healthy food choices, the science behind how exercise affects your body, and more.

    PE curriculum suggestions

    • No Standing Around in My Gym is an excellent resource for PE instruction. This lesson plan book includes 6 units of study, within which there are 70 games scripted out for you.
    • 303 Kid-Approved Exercises and Active Games is a great activity book that you might choose to take a look at when you’re ready to try out a new game, or you’re stuck inside due to bad weather.
      • The age reco for this book is ages 6-8, but I think all ages could have fun with the activities in this book.
    • The Physical Educator’s Big Book of Sport Lead-Up Games is a book that aims to teach kids how to have an active lifestyle beyond P.E. class and recess.
      • This book is a great fit for homeschool, especially if you have a big family or can get a large group together, because it has clear directions that tell you how to play and the number of players needed for each game.
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    5. Try out a cooperative or competitive PE activity as a family

    6. Participate in a challenge for PE

    7. Choose a goal to work towards for homeschool PE

    • Training for running a 5K as a family is a fantastic way to integrate PE with homeschool, in a way the whole family can bond over.
      • Sign up for the marathon and pay for the registration as motivation to get started.
      • Your whole family can help hold each other accountable.
      • You can even train for a 5K together if you have small children.
    • Raise money for charity by doing a walk-a-thon
      • Walk-a-thons are a very popular choice for homeschool PE
      • Choose a cause to support and then choose your charity!
      • Promise to walk, bike, or jog a certain number of miles as you get people to pledge their donations to match your promised number of miles.

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    Bonus: Write about it!

    Writing is a great way to synthesize your learning, even with PE!


    No matter which activity you choose to do, the important thing is to get moving and be consistent with homeschool PE. The best part about PE at home is that it’s something the whole family can do together!

    What will you try first for homeschool PE? Comment below! We look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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