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Homeschool Hacks for Scrunchy Moms

First of all, what in the world is a scrunchy mom?

I hadn’t heard of a scrunchy mom until recently, but I’d heard of a crunchy mom. A crunchy mom is a mom who does everything as naturally as possible.

That means no fast food or Doritos, using essential oils, eating all organic, and avoiding toxic chemicals as much as possible. Crunchy moms usually plan on having a non-medicated birth, and, for some, being crunchy means absolutely no vaccines.

Team scrunchy mom

Scrunchy moms are in between doing everything completely naturally, like a crunchy mom, and on the path of least resistance, like silky moms. For example, scrunchy moms may be okay with vaccines, but they also might choose to eat all organic.

They might order take-out two times a week, but they also prep all their baby’s food themselves. And scrunchy moms could prefer a non-medicated birth, but they might have decided that their ta-tas need a little makeover after they’re done breastfeeding, too.

Life is all about balance, right?


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Homeschool and scrunchy moms

Homeschooling has difficulties no matter how you approach it. But, for scrunchy moms that homeschool, it can be hard to find a community that aligns with your beliefs.

Because homeschooling is associated most closely with crunchy moms, many scrunchy moms that are homeschooling aren’t aware that there are others like themselves who homeschool while scrunchy. 😜


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    OK, I’m in my scrunchy mom era. What about the homeschooling hacks?

    Here’s a list of homeschool hacks for scrunchy moms that will make your life easier, without leaning all the way into those fully crunchy habits.

    A Pinterest pin about a blog post titled Homeschool Hacks for Scrunchy Moms + scrunchy mom definition on planithomeschool.com.

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    Homeschool hacks for scrunchy moms #1:
    Teaching hacks

    High-tech games that teach

    1. Minecraft
      • Self-directed play, creative freedom, and academic topics learned in a fun way
      • Examples: biomes, rations, math, recipes, map skills, and memory skills
      • Find it here
    2. Terraria
      • Similar to Minecraft, but in 2D.
      • Age range is 12+ (Minecraft is 10+)
      • Find it here
    3. Stardew Valley
      • Similar to Minecraft, with a focus on farming and relationships
      • Mature content warning! (Marriage, kissing, having babies, etc.)
      • Find it here
    4. Angry Birds
      • Teaches STEM concepts- measuring angles, force, spatial skills, and more
      • Can even teach the scientific method when you replay levels to figure out how to get 3/3 stars
        • Can also teach the engineering design process
      • Find it here
    5. The Oregon Trail
      • Yes, The Oregon Trail game still exists!
      • Historical connections through putting yourself in the shoes of a person from that time
      • Find it here
    6. Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
      • A spin off of the classic game!
      • Teaches history, geography, map skills, and analytical thinking
      • Find it here
    7. Apps like Wordscapes, Word Beach, Word Cookies, and Alphabear
      • Improve vocabulary, spelling, and expanding your lexicon
      • Find it here
    8. Interland by Google
      • Teaches digital citizenship and Internet safety in a way that’s fun for kids
      • Find it here

    Low-tech games that teach

    1. Settlers of Catan
      • Endless replay possibilities
      • Teaches interdependence, teamwork, and reworking a strategy
    2. Monopoly
      • Real-world connections (including heartbreak and soul-crushing competition lol)
      • Teaches financial literacy skills (borrowing, mortgages, etc.) + math and negotiating
    3. Kanoodle
      • A brain teaser puzzle game that can fit in your pocket
      • Teaches problem-solving and working and reworking a strategy
    4. Blink
      • I have loved this fast-paced game my whole life!
      • A great matching game for all ages, teaching patterns, colors, and shapes

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    Homeschool hacks for scrunchy moms #2:
    Inspiring activities

    High-tech ideas for inspiration and discovery

    1. Create something with Makey Makey.
    2. Make a book’s setting or characters come to life as you imagine them by creating art with AI.
    3. Choose a template on Canva and create a poster, logo, video, or pretty much anything you’d like with their vast library of free templates, graphics, and fonts.
    4. Code something, such as this Coding a LEGO Maze activity.  

    Low-tech ideas for inspiration and discovery

    1. Draw a real or imagined picture.
    2. Compare two books and explain their similarities and differences.
    3. Create a Venn Diagram. Did you know you can even create Venn Diagrams that compare more than two things?
    4. Get them moving with homeschool PE. The more you move, the more oxygen gets to your brain!
    A Pinterest pin about a blog post titled Homeschool Hacks for Scrunchy Moms + scrunchy mom definition on planithomeschool.com.

    Homeschool hacks for scrunchy moms #3:
    Planning hacks

    Homeschool planner

    Choose a homeschool planner to help (try and) keep the chaos in check! Here are a few cute options that I recommend.

    1. Homeschool Mama planner by Emmeline Bloom
    2. Beautiful and Chic Homeschool Planner with tabs by Jennifer Pepito x Paper Peony Press
    3. Check-Off Homeschool Planner by Schoolhouse Heaven
    4. Homeschool Lesson Planner and Record Book by Matha Glow Prints
    5. Mega Homeschool Planner and Essential Organizer for 1-2+ kids by Homeschool Life Press
    6. Homeschool Planner for up to 4 kids by Useful Books

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    • Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
      • Great phonics manual, but you will need to create all the materials yourself.
    • Playing Preschool by Busy Toddler (Susie Allison)
    • I can’t recommend this resource highly enough.
    • Susie provides EVERYTHING you need in an easy-to-use guide for Pre-K/ early learning at home.
    • Khan Academy
      • math lessons and tutorials for almost any age level and math topic.
    • Mia Academy
      • an online homeschool program, which includes reading, math, science, social studies, and elective course options for elementary and middle school students.
    2 Girls Sitting on Chair

    Hacks for finding your scrunchy community: Scrunchy moms unite!

    1. Join a reddit community, which are called subreddits. My favorites for scrunchy motherhood are:
    2. Go to the library!
      • Make a natural friendship with other parents at the library.
      • You just saw the mom sitting next to you feed her toddler organic puffs after a few fell on the floor. Did we just become best friends? Scrunchy mom alert! 😊
    3. Cultivate on online community by commenting on or subscribing to newsletters from blogs or websites that interest you.
    4. Join a Facebook group or actively follow an Instagram page.
      • What’s easier than swapping stories right from your phone with other parents who know just how you feel?
      • Check out Facebook groups, especially if you can find local ones in your area or even your neighborhood.
    5. Try out friendship apps like the Peanut app.
      • This app matches you with other moms in your area that are in a similar life stage to you.
      • Although, I think this app is still growing, so this may be hit or miss. I tried this in my area and I had to widen the search to people near me within 100 miles and still didn’t get any “matches” for over a week.
      • Try it in your area to see how it works for you!

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    Now you know if you’re a fellow scrunchy mom. If you’re #teamscrunchymom, you’ve also got tons of great ideas for homeschool activities, games, planning resources, and curriculum that can “hack” your homeschool day!

    Which hack will you try first? What other hacks did I miss that help you? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments. For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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