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Latin Homeschool Curriculum: 15+ Resources for Every Skill Level

Are you ready to take your homeschooling to the next level with Latin homeschool curriculum?

Latin, often considered a dead language, is experiencing a revival in homeschool education for its numerous benefits.

This blog post covers:

  1. Benefits of Learning Latin for Homeschoolers
  2. Latin Homeschool Curriculum for Beginners
  3. Advanced Latin Homeschool Curriculum
  4. Incorporating Latin into Your Homeschool Routine
  5. Latin Homeschool Curriculum Ideas and Activities for Every Skill Level

Get ready to discover the endless possibilities of Latin education and elevate your child’s learning experience like never before.

Best latin homeschool curriculum, latin curriculum, homeschool latin curriculum by

Benefits of Learning Latin for Homeschoolers

Latin offers lots of benefits for homeschoolers!

Enhancing their cognitive skills, improving their understanding of English grammar, and providing insight into the origins of many modern languages.

By incorporating Latin into your homeschool curriculum, you are giving your child a strong foundation in language.

You’re also opening up new opportunities for intellectual growth and cultural enrichment.

Let’s now explore some of the key advantages of learning Latin for homeschoolers.

Latin Homeschool Curriculum Resources for Beginners

For beginners looking to incorporate Latin into their homeschool curriculum, there are a variety of resources available!

  1. Latin Prep
    • Latin Prep is a beginner Latin course that introduces Latin grammar and vocabulary through interactive exercises and activities.
  2. Minimus: Starting Out in Latin
    • Minimus is a unique Latin program that introduces Latin through the story of a mouse living in Roman Britain.
    • It is suitable for young beginners.
  3. Latin for Children
    • Latin for Children is a comprehensive Latin program that teaches grammar, vocabulary, and translation skills through engaging activities and stories.
    • Great for those who prefer a more hands-on approach with flashcard sets and workbooks.
  4. Cambridge Latin Course
  5. Latin’s Not So Tough!
    • Latin’s Not So Tough! is a user-friendly Latin program that teaches grammar and vocabulary through fun and engaging lessons.

These resources for beginners serve as stepping stones towards more advanced Latin studies, laying a solid groundwork for future learning.

Advanced Latin Homeschool Curriculum

Advanced Latin homeschool curriculum goes deeper into complex grammar rules, historical texts, and cultural nuances.

This allows students to refine their language skills and deepen their understanding of Latin literature and history.

  1. Latin Alive!
    • Latin Alive! is a comprehensive Latin program that focuses on reading, writing, and speaking Latin.
    • It is a great fit for middle and high school students.
  2. Ecce Romani
    • Ecce Romani is a Latin program that uses the story of a Roman family to teach Latin grammar and culture.
  3. Latin: An Intensive Course
    • Latin: An Intensive Course is a comprehensive Latin program that covers advanced grammar, syntax, and translation.
    • It’s perfect for students who want an in-depth study of Latin.
  4. AP Latin:
    • AP Latin is a college-level Latin course that prepares students for the AP Latin exam.
    • It covers advanced Latin literature and language skills.
  5. Excelability in Advanced Latin
    • Excelability in Advanced Latin from Memoria Press is a comprehensive Latin curriculum designed for advanced students.
    • It focuses on refining translation skills, mastering complex grammar and syntax, and deepening understanding of Latin literature and culture.

Advanced Latin curriculum prepares students for a more holistic and enriched educational experience within their homeschool routine.

This advanced level of study opens the door to a more immersive exploration of the Latin language.


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    Incorporating Latin into Your Homeschool Routine

    To incorporate Latin into your homeschool routine, consider integrating vocabulary lessons, grammar exercises, and translation practice into your daily schedule.

    Start by setting aside dedicated time each day for Latin studies, whether it’s in the morning before other subjects or in the afternoon during a designated language arts block.

    This consistent practice will help reinforce language skills and keep students engaged with their Latin studies.

    “Double Dipping” With Latin

    Incorporating Latin into other subjects can also be a fun and educational way to enhance learning.

    • For example, you can tie Latin vocabulary lessons into history studies by exploring Latin roots in English words.
    • You could also incorporate Latin phrases into art projects or discussions about ancient civilizations.

    By sprinkling Latin into your homeschool curriculum, your child can see the relevance and importance of studying this ancient language.

    Make Time for Resources That Work for You

    Consider using online resources, textbooks, or language learning apps to supplement your Latin studies.

    These resources can offer interactive exercises, audio recordings, and virtual flashcards to make learning Latin more engaging and dynamic.

    By exploring a variety of learning tools, you can cater to your child’s individual learning style and keep them excited about studying Latin.

    Latin Homeschool Curriculum Ideas for Every Skill Level

    Now let’s explore Latin homeschool curriculum ideas for every skill level.

    As you research different Latin homeschool curriculum options, it’s important to consider the skill level of your child.

    Advice for Beginners

    For beginners, focusing on basic vocabulary, grammar, and simple phrases can lay a solid foundation for future learning.

    You can start with Latin workbooks or online platforms that offer introductory lessons and exercises tailored for young learners.

    Intermediate Latin Students

    For intermediate students, going deeper into Latin grammar rules, sentence structure, and reading comprehension can greatly improve their understanding of the language.

    Consider incorporating Latin literature, historical texts, or bilingual books to challenge them and expand their knowledge.

    Latin Ideas for Advanced Learners

    Advanced learners may benefit from more specialized Latin courses that explore complex topics like poetry, rhetoric, or philosophical texts in Latin.

    Encouraging them to participate in Latin language clubs, online forums, or even Latin immersion experiences can further enhance their skills and deepen their appreciation for the language.

    By planning your Latin homeschool curriculum around your child’s skill level, you can provide them with the necessary support and challenges to foster their growth and development in Latin studies.

    As you explore different resources and strategies, remember to adjust your approach to meet your child’s individual needs and interests.

    This personalized approach will not only make learning Latin more effective but also more enjoyable for your child, setting them up for success in their language journey.


    In conclusion, Latin homeschool curriculum offers lots of benefits for your child’s education, from improved language skills to a deeper understanding of history and culture.

    By exploring resources for beginners, advanced students, and every skill level in between, you can easily incorporate Latin into your homeschool routine and watch your child thrive.

    As the Roman philosopher Seneca once said, “Non scholae sed vitae discimus” – We do not learn for school, but for life.

    So why wait? Now you’ve got everything you need to get started teaching Latin in homeschool!

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