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15 Helpful Homeschool Blogs for Every Homeschooling Parent

Although I talk about a bunch of homeschooling topics here at PlanIt Homeschool, today I’m putting together this roundup of homeschool blogs that I personally enjoy reading and learning from.

I know you will, too!

Homeschool blogs

There are lots of great resources out there where real families are blogging about their homeschooling journey!

Today I’ll talk about the four main types of homeschooling blogs, plus my favorite things about each blog. Let me know which ones you like best!

  1. Blogs about how to homeschool
  2. Blogs about homeschool + another similar topic (parenthood, homesteading, and more)
  3. Homeschool blogs that sprinkle homeschooling in, but it’s not the main topic
  4. Blogs about homeschool blogging
Pinterest pin for a blog post titled Must-Read Homeschool Blogs for Every Homeschool Parents: The Best Homeschooling Blogs! on's homeschool blog round-up.

1. How to homeschool blogs

These blogs are all about how to homeschool. This blog type is especially great for beginners or families that want to change their homeschool style.

  • Living Life and Learning: One of the first homeschool blogs I ever subscribed to was Living Life and Learning by Monique. She has SO MANY great resources and freebies for beginners.
  • Homeschool Giveaways: Not only does she offer high-quality freebies, Charis from Homeschool Giveaways has lots of how to homeschool articles she created after her personal journey homeschooling twins! ๐Ÿ˜ฒ
  • Hustle and Homeschool: Bronwyn from Hustle and Homeschool will be your next best homeschool mom friend. She even has a whole section of her blog called “Advice and Encouragement”!
  • Secular Homeschooler: Looking to homeschool on a budget? Secular homeschooler focuses on reviewing homeschool resources and even sharing tips on how to homeschool for free.

2. Blogs about homeschool + other related topics

These blogs, like PlanIt Homeschool, share homeschooling info alongside similar topics, such as homeschooling with parenting advice, homeschooling + homesteading, or even homeschooling while traveling the world.

  • I Can Teach My Child: You’ll love the homeschooling activities, parenting advice, and so much more that Janae from I Can Teach My Child has on her site! She also has thematic units, a whole section for parents, and more!
  • Growing Up Herbal: Meagan is not only a homeschool mom with curriculum reviews and advice for working homeschool parents. Her blog’s main lane shares natural living tips from her amazing brain as a Registered Nurse turned herbalist.
  • Dutch, Dutch, Goose!: Elizabeth’s blog is mainly a lifestyle and travel blog, but also she shares so many unique ideas for homeschooling. My all-time favorite idea of hers (that I will be stealing- with credit! ๐Ÿ˜œ) is from this article about homeschool “school pictures”!
  • Nourishing Days: This homesteading homeschooler family blog by Stewart and Shannon talks about faith, family, food, and more. Get ready to take notes from Nourishing Days’ simple but game-changing gardening tips and amazinggg recipes (especially the desserts ๐Ÿ˜)!
  • *BONUS* Busy Toddler: Although she is not a homeschooler, Susie from Busy Toddler is the real. deal. Her motto is “making it to naps, one activity at a time.” She is a past kindergarten teacher that has written two books! Her site has sensory play ideas, outdoor learning activities, and more that could easily be a great fit for homeschool!


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    3. Blogs with homeschooling sprinkled in

    If you’re looking for more than just homeschooling, you’ll want to check out these podcasts, blogs, and vlogs that share their family life, useful tips about parenthood, their personal experiences with homeschooling and more.

    • 1000 Hours Outside: I. love. Ginny. Yurich. from the 1000 Hours Outside. She is a real talk, homeschool mom that has her own fabulous podcast (she mostly talks about homeschooling here), and she recently became a published author!
    • The Pioneer Woman: Yes, Ree Drummond was a homeschool mom! Although her kids eventually transitioned to regular school, she still has blog posts on her website about her personal experiences with homeschooling.
    • The LaBrant Fam: Okay, so this is a vlog channel, not a blog, but I think you’ll enjoy this sweet couple’s videos about their family and their homeschooling journey! If you’re a dinosaur like me๐Ÿ‘ต, you’ll remember Cole LaBrant from that silly gass pedalll gass pedalll vine. He’s all grown up now with 5 kids and 15 million subs on YouTube!

    4.How to homeschool blogs

    Have you ever thought about sharing homeschooling tips online? If you’ve been mulling it over, these blogs will give you the kick in the pants you need to successfully start your own homeschool blog.

    • They Call Me Blessed: Ana has a great little corner of her blog that has interviews from bloggers about how to start a homeschool blog that makes money. Reading her blogs will make you feel like she’s giving you friendly advice on Facetime. ๐Ÿ’ž
    • Homeschool Blogging: This whole site by Anu is dedicated to helping parents start their own homeschooling blog! It’s got troubleshooting tips, advice, and all their remarkable money-making secrets.
    • Create Your Homeschool: Not only does Shela have advice about homeschool blogging, she even has a Homeschool Mama Academy (not free, unfortunately) with resources, a community to support each other through homeschooling, and other helpful resources,


    Now that you’ve seen my favorite homeschool blogs, I’m curious which blogs for homeschooling that you recommend. I’m always looking for new homeschool blogs to explore! Please comment below and let me know which homeschool blogs I should check out next!

    Don’t forget that you can also check out the reddit page r/homeschool or your state-specific homeschool websites. For example, Texas has the Texas Home School Coalition.

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