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15+ Cheap and Easy Ideas for Fall Sensory Bins

Fall sensory bins

Did you know November is Native American Heritage Month? We’ve created this list for you of 15 cheap and easy fall sensory bins to celebrate November holidays and the best season: fall (duh).

The best part about these sensory bins is that one of the only things you’ll need to purchase for most of these great sensory bin ideas will be the bin!

The best deal that I was able to find for 28qt storage bins through a quick Google search were these, for about $7 each.

Fall sensory bin fillers

This list includes some options for fall sensory bin fillers that you can either find around your home, outdoors, or, if you choose to, purchase for super cheap.

You could always add more fillers and go all out with your fall sensory bins, but my favorites were added to this list because they keep things cheap, easy, and most importantly, fun for you and your family!

A Pinterest pin for a blog titled 15+ cheap and easy fall sensory bin ideas with sensory bin fillers.

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Fall sensory bins using filler supplies you already have

These fall sensory bins are great for the whole family! As it starts to get a little chilly outside and fall rolls in, you and your family can head inside and explore these sensory bins together.

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How can we find the filler supplies for these sensory bins?

These fall sensory bins are cheap and easy because they all use stuff you already have around the house, or that you can grab for cheap on your next trip to the grocery store. Plus, your family can do a little scavenger hunt for any materials around your home to make these bins.

1. Pumpkin cloud dough sensory bin

Ms. Frizzle would be a big fan of this sensory bin, because it’s all about making mistakes, taking chances, and getting messy with this real pumpkin homemade cloud dough sensory bin!

Pumpkin homemade cloud dough three ingredient taste safe recipe fall sensory play from littlebinsforlittlehands.com.
Image from littlebinsforlittlehands.com

2. Aquafaba sensory bin

Aquafaba is a taste-safe sensory bin option, because it’s actually just chickpea foam! You could make this aquafaba sensory bin recipe all about fall with some fall-colored food coloring.

Aquafaba sensory bin chickpea foam pinterest pin for sensory bin from funwithmama.com.
Image from funwithmama.com

3. Apple pie sensory bin

This apple pie sensory bin only needs oats, cinnamon sticks, pom pom “apples”, some scoops, and a baking tin for hours of fall sensory bin exploration and fun.

Apple pie sensory bins from homeschoolinginprogress.com.
Image from homeschoolinginprogress.com

4. Fall sensory bin with pasta

Pasta is the only ingredient you need for this fall sensory bin, but you can add in any fall-themed items you’d like to make it extra special.

Fall sensory bin with pasta and optional fillers from happyhooligans.com.
Image from happyhooligans.ca.

5. Apple foam sensory bin

This apple foam sensory bin is actually made from bubble bath! It’s an easy, “no mess” way to play with your fall sensory bin indoors that will entertain your kids for hours.

Apple foam sensory bin from happytoddlerplaytime.com.
Image from happytoddlerplaytime.com.


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    Fall sensory bins using fillers you can find outdoors

    You will love these fall sensory bins where all you have to buy is the actual bin, while you head outside to find the sensory bin fillers. Of course, you could always add more with cutesy stuff from the store if you’d like. Or, you can sub out any of the natural materials with fake versions, such as artificial leaves or toy apples.

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    How do we get started with these outdoor sensory bins?

    To get started, you’ll want to look around outside for some fall filler items for your sensory bin like pinecones, leaves, and more. Or, even better, send your kids on a mission to find the materials for you!

    1. Fall leaves sensory bin with water

    All you need for this fall leaves sensory bin is a few leaves and some water. If you’re worried about a mess on your floor, be sure to put down a big towel first!

    Fall sensory bin with water from and next comes L.com.
    Image from andnextcomesl.com.

    2. Acorn sensory bin

    If you have some acorns outside that your kiddos are always trying to bring in anyways, this acorn sensory bin is a super fun way to make good use of their ever-growing collection.

    Acorn sensory bin with squirrel toy from keepcalmandmommyon.com.
    Image from keepcalmandmommyon.com.

    3. Colors of fall sensory bin

    Using just some acorns and silk (or real) leaves, this colors of fall sensory bin is a beautiful way to explore the beautiful fall colors within an easy-to-make sensory bin.

    Colors of fall sensory bin with sensory bin fall fillers like leaves, acorns, muffin tins, and more from lifeovercs.com.
    Image from lifeovercs.com

    4. Pine cone sensory bin

    Making this pine cone sensory bin only needs two sensory bin fillers: pinecones and sand. You could switch out the sand for any filler of your choice if you’d like!

    5. Pumpkin guts sensory bin with pumpkin seeds

    Want to make good use of your pumpkin seeds after you carve that Jack-o-Lantern? Save them for this pumpkin sensory bin!

    Fall sensory bins for November holidays

    Learning about the fall season and its special traditions by doing fall-themed sensory bins can be such a memorable and worthwhile experience for the whole family. Each of these sensory bins were created around a special theme or holiday, including Thanksgiving, Veteran’s Day, and more!

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    Thanksgiving sensory bin ideas

    For these Thanksgiving sensory bins, you will only need a few cheap supplies. These bins are great for this busy time of year because they are super simple and easy to make!

    1. Corn kernels Thanksgiving sensory bin

    Listen to your kids laugh and play for hours while they dig into this Thanksgiving corn kernels sensory bin.

    Corn kernels Thanksgiving sensory bin from littleslovelearning.com.
    Image from littleslovelearning.com.

    2. Thanksgiving sensory bin

    This sensory bin suggests using a lot of cute materials. Pick and choose which ones you want if you don’t want to buy them all for this Thanksgiving sensory bin.

    Thanksgiving sensory bin with Thanksgiving sensory bin fillers list from teachtalkinspire.com.
    Image from teachtalkinspire.com.

    Sensory bins for more holidays in November

    November 11 is Veteran’s Day, and November 11 is Remembrance Day in Canada. Diwali is November 12, which is also known as the Festival of Lights. November 24 is Native American Heritage Day, and the whole month of November is actually Native American Heritage month.

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    1. Veteran’s Day sensory bin

    This sensory bin was originally designed for Memorial Day, but you could easily use it as a Veteran’s Day sensory bin, too!

    Veteran's Day sensory bin activity with patriotic sensory bin fillers from everystarisdifferent.com.
    Image from everystarisdifferent.com.

    2. Diwali sensory bin

    Beautiful Rangoli art inspires this Diwali sensory bin, which has a sensory bin filler base of colored salt. You can choose any color, or change it out for a sensory bin filler you already have.

    Diwali sensory bin from pocketofpreschool.com.
    Image from pocketofpreschool.com.

    3. Poppy-inspired remembrance day sensory bin

    Did you know poppies are a symbol of solider’s sacrifices, and are often given out on Veteran’s Day in the U.S. and Remembrance Day in Canada? Give this Remembrance Day sensory bin a try to honor the veterans.

    Remembrance day sensory bin from apinchofkinder.com.
    Image from apinchofkinder.com.

    4. Native American kinetic sand sensory bin

    Try out this unique sensory bin that has kinetic sand as its sensory bin filler base to honor Native American Heritage Day this year.

    Native American kinetic sand sensory bin from stirthewonder.com.
    Image from stirthewonder.com.


    After seeing these great fall sensory bins, you’re ready to pick one out and give it a try! 🧡

    Which of the fall sensory bins will you try first? Comment below! I look forward to talking with you in the comments! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

    Safety tips and words of caution

    All materials you choose for your sensory bins should be nontoxic and should not be of a size or material that could cause choking or other dangers. Monitor anyone using a sensory bin closely, especially young children.

    The general recommendation for sensory bin age-limits is no younger than eighteen-months-old, with materials within the bins including other water, sand, and fixed plastic objects (something they can’t pinch their fingers in, for example). If the toys can fit inside and slide through a standard toilet paper tube, they are too small for babies and toddlers, and should not be included in your sensory bins.

    A great tip for young children is to make sure their bellies are full and that they’ve eaten a meal in a place that is separate from where the sensory bin play occurs before using the sensory bin, which can help reduce the desire for children to want to eat the sensory bin’s contents. If you struggle with this, try to switch out your base material for food or something that is food-safe and okay for the child to go ahead and eat. Just be sure to switch these materials out much more often!

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