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How to Be Homeschooled in High School

Wondering how to be homeschooled in high school?

Your high school homeschooling journey opens up a world of possibilities for your education and personal growth.

This guide to how to be homeschooled in high school explores essential topics, valuable resources, and engaging activities designed to make high school homeschooling a social and educational experience for both students and parents.

⭐How to Be Homeschooled in High School: Step 1

If you want to figure out how to be homeschooled in high school, the first thing you’ll need to plan for is the actual school part, right?

You’ll need to figure out what curriculum you’ll use to learn, including online programs, projects to explore your interests, and more.

Curriculum Planning for High School Homeschoolers

  • Explore accredited online high school programs.
  • Utilize subject-specific textbooks and resources.
  • Incorporate project-based learning to enhance critical thinking skills.

Recommended High School Homeschool Curriculum

Accredited online programs, textbooks, and project-based learning offer a diverse approach you can use to customize what you’re learning to your strengths and interests.

Here are five well-regarded homeschool curricula that you might consider using.

  1. Sonlight
    • Sonlight provides literature-based Christian homeschool curriculum packages.
    • It integrates a variety of subjects, including history, literature, and science.
    • The curriculum is known for its rich book selections and comprehensive instructor guides.
  2. The Great Courses Plus
    • This platform offers a wide range of video courses taught by professors from top universities.
    • It covers various subjects, including science, mathematics, literature, and history.
    • High school students can access college-level content, preparing them for the academic rigor of higher education.
  3. Apologia Educational Ministries
    • Apologia specializes in science curriculum with a Christian worldview.
    • It provides courses in subjects like biology, chemistry, and physics.
    • The curriculum emphasizes hands-on experiments and critical thinking skills.
  4. Time4Learning
    • Time4Learning is an online curriculum that covers core subjects such as math, language arts, science, and social studies.
    • It’s interactive and can be used as a primary or supplementary resource.
    • The platform offers automated grading and reporting features for parents.
  5. Oak Meadow
    • Oak Meadow follows a holistic and child-centered approach to education, and offers free samples of their curriculum on their website.
    • It includes a blend of academic subjects, arts, and practical skills.
    • The curriculum focuses on fostering creativity, critical thinking, and a love for learning.
How to be homeschooled in high school, high school homeschool resources, socialization ideas for high school homeschool by

⭐How to Be Homeschooled in High School: Step 2

Getting ready for college properly is the next step you’ll need to plan for when you’re determining how to be homeschooled in high school.

Creating a Transcripts and College Preparation

Navigating transcripts and preparing for college involves careful planning.

Learn about GPA, explore dual enrollment options, and delve into college-prep activities to ensure a smooth transition to higher education.

  • Understand transcript requirements and GPA calculation.
  • Explore dual enrollment opportunities for college credit.
  • Engage in college-prep activities such as SAT/ACT preparation.
  • Consider keeping a homeschool portfolio.

Recommended Resources to Prepare and Apply for College

There are many great resources and organizations that can help homeschoolers navigate the college admissions process.

These suggestions will help make sure you have the appropriate records and coursework.

  1. College Board – Homeschool Students:
    • Website: College Board – Homeschool Students
    • College Board offers information specifically tailored for homeschool students, covering topics like creating a high school plan and preparing for college.
  2. Time4Learning – High School Homeschooling:
    • Website: Time4Learning
    • Time4Learning provides a guide to high school homeschooling, including advice on transcripts and college preparation.
  3. Clep Tests – Homeschooling and College:
    • Website: CLEP Tests for Homeschool
    • This resource provides information on using CLEP exams for college credit, which can be particularly useful for homeschoolers.
  4. The Coalition for College:
    • Website: Coalition for College
    • The Coalition for College provides a set of online tools to help students, including homeschoolers, prepare for college. It offers insights on the college application process.
  5. National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI):
    • Website: NHERI
    • NHERI conducts research on homeschooling and provides resources, including information on homeschooling through high school and transitioning to college.
  6. Dual Credit at Home:
    • Website: Dual Credit at Home
    • Dual Credit at Home offers resources and courses that allow homeschool high schoolers to earn both high school and college credit simultaneously.

Always check with the specific colleges or universities you’re interested in to understand their admission requirements for homeschooled students.

Each college may have its own policies, and it’s important to be aware of them during your high school homeschooling journey.

⭐How to Be Homeschooled in High School: Step 3

Understanding how to be homeschooled in high school can be fun and exciting with new language learning.

Interactive apps, cultural activities, language immersion, and more can be used to learn a new language.

Plus, it’s a fantastic homeschool enrichment option that can look great on your transcript!

Foreign Language Learning

  • Use language learning apps and online courses.
  • Incorporate cultural activities and language immersion.
  • Connect with native speakers through language exchange programs.

Resources for Foreign Language Learning

Understanding how to homeschool high school involves exploring a variety of resources to learn foreign languages. 7


  • Website: Latin Online Series
  • An online resource offering free Latin language courses, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural information.


  • Website: Textkit – Greek and Latin Learning Tools
  • A free online resource providing textbooks, grammars, and learning materials for both Latin and ancient Greek.


  • Website: Duolingo
  • A user-friendly app offering gamified language lessons, including Spanish, with a focus on speaking, listening, and reading.

ASL (American Sign Language)

  • Website: ASL University
  • A comprehensive online ASL curriculum created by Dr. Bill Vicars, offering a variety of lessons and resources for learning ASL.


  • Website: Coffee Break French
  • A podcast-style French course suitable for beginners and intermediate learners, offering bite-sized lessons.


  • Website: DeutschAkademie
  • An online resource providing free German courses for beginners and advanced learners, including grammar explanations and exercises.

⭐How to Be Homeschooled in High School: Step 4

Physical Education and Fitness

Prioritize physical education by incorporating sports, virtual fitness classes, and personalized routines.

Physical activity not only keeps you healthy but also contributes to a well-rounded high school education.

  • Participate in individual or team sports.
  • Explore virtual fitness classes and wellness programs.
  • Create a personalized fitness routine and track progress.

PE Activities and Active Groups to Join

For high school homeschoolers, participating in creative exercise clubs or teams can offer an engaging way to stay active, build skills, and foster a sense of community.

Here are five creative exercise club or team ideas:

Dance Club or Team

  • Form/ join a dance club or team where students can explore various dance styles, from contemporary and hip-hop to ballroom and cultural dances.
  • Enhances physical fitness, coordination, creativity, and teamwork.
  • Provides a platform for performances or competitions.

Improv or Drama Club

  • Establish/ join an improv or drama club for students interested in theatrical arts.
  • Participants can engage in improvisational games, script readings, and drama exercises.
  • Develops creativity, communication skills, and confidence.
  • Offers opportunities for performances or drama productions.

Circus Arts Team

  • Create/ join a team for circus arts, including skills like juggling, acrobatics, aerial silks, and clowning.
  • This team could practice and perform various circus acts.
  • Enhances coordination, balance, and creativity.
  • Provides a unique and entertaining outlet for physical activity.

Yoga and Mindfulness Group

  • Make/ join a yoga and mindfulness group that meets regularly to practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness exercises.
  • Promotes physical well-being, stress relief, and mental health.
  • Helps students develop mindfulness and relaxation techniques.

These creative exercise clubs or teams offer a blend of physical activity, artistic expression, and social interaction, perfect for high school homeschooling!

⭐How to Be Homeschooled in High School: Step 5

Beyond academic subjects, a key part of how to be homeschooled in high school is the opportunity to socialize and spend time with friends.

Engaging in clubs and extracurricular activities regularly gives homeschoolers the chance to be in a fun, social environment.

It’s an opportunity to pursue passions, make friends, and be part of a community that shares common interests.

Ideas for Socialization and Making Friends

  • Join local clubs or community groups aligned with interests.
  • Explore volunteer opportunities with local charities or organizations.
  • Join online forums or discussion groups for homeschooling teenagers.
  • Participate in activities organized by youth organizations.

Social Groups to Join

To find or make groups, consider reaching out to local homeschooling networks, community centers, or online platforms dedicated to homeschooling communities.

Or you can create or follow info on social media platforms that may have groups or forums where students with similar interests can connect.

Anime Club

  • Form an anime club where students who share an interest in Japanese animation can come together.
  • Activities may include watching anime series, discussing favorite shows, and organizing anime-themed events.
  • Fosters a sense of community among anime enthusiasts. Provides a platform for exploring diverse anime genres.

Manga Book Club

  • Start a manga book club where participants read and discuss manga series.
  • This can include exploring different genres and sharing recommendations.
  • Cultivates a love for reading. Provides a platform for deep discussions about storylines, characters, and themes.

Sports and Recreation Leagues

  • Enroll in sports leagues or recreational activities to meet peers and stay active.
  • Local sports clubs often have programs open to homeschoolers.

Scouting Organizations

  • Join scouting groups like the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts for outdoor adventures and skill-building.
  • Scouting encourages teamwork and leadership skills.

STEM Programs and Clubs

  • Explore STEM-focused programs, science clubs, or robotics teams in your area.
  • These activities provide educational and social opportunities.

Volunteer Organizations

  • Engage in volunteer work through local charities or nonprofits.
  • Volunteering is a great way to meet like-minded individuals and contribute to the community.

Special Interest Clubs

  • Seek out clubs focused on specific interests like chess, coding, or debate.
  • Local organizations or online platforms may host these clubs.

Homeschool Conventions and Events

  • Attend homeschool conventions or events in your region.
  • These gatherings provide opportunities to meet other homeschoolers and access resources.

Gaming League

  • Establish a gaming league focused on anime-themed video games or tabletop games.
  • This can include tournaments, game nights, and friendly competitions.
  • Promotes teamwork, strategy, and friendly competition. Creates a space for gamers to connect over shared interests.

Quidditch Club (Inspired by Harry Potter)

  • If the group is open to exploring niche interests beyond anime, a Quidditch Club inspired by the Harry Potter series can be a fun addition.
  • Participants can adapt the game to fit their preferences and have friendly matches.
  • Combines physical activity with fandom. Encourages teamwork and creativity in adapting the magical sport to real-life play.


High school homeschooling offers a unique opportunity to make sure your education is a good fit for your individual needs, interests, and aspirations.

By learning about diverse topics, utilizing valuable resources, and choosing how you’ll learn, you can create an exciting high school homeschooling experience.

High school homeschooling is not just an alternative; it’s choosing the perfect educational experience for yourself.

Because it breaks traditional school boundaries, it allows students to thrive academically, personally, and socially.

If you’re confident you know how to be homeschooled in high school, leave a comment below! For everything homeschool, we can PlanIt! ♥

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